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New Energy Technology Ltd in Shaoxing City of Neurology, Neurology Shaoxing City Electric Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neurology Group subsidiaries.The company was founded in July 2001, is located Jiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai and economic center of the beautiful city-Shaoxing City,China Textile Industrial City adjacent to the Eastern, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway, a section of Hangjinqu Expressway exit Keqiao,strategic location, convenient traffic.New Energy Technology Ltd in Shaoxing City of Neurology professionals engaged in research and development of solar photovoltaic products.production and marketing of technology-based companies, the company has research and design institutes, institutions, agencies and domestic cooperation.A large number of companies have long been engaged in photovoltaic conversion, electronic technology,Electrical lighting control and automation professionals in the fields of technical personnel.So that the quality of our products, technology has been the leading domestic level.Successful development of photovoltaic power generation system, a series of solar lighting (solar streetlight, solar courtyard.Jingguandeng solar energy, solar LAWN LANTERNS), convenient solar power, solar traffic signalSolar advertising lights and other hi-tech products.Intelligent Controller has successfully developed a solar energy, solar inverter, AC-DC switching controller and other high-tech products.City lights in the country has to undertake transformation, roads, parks, housing, public transportation, such as solar lighting system platform.solar photovoltaic power plants, solar power stations and other projects.Shaoxing City Electric Company is the holder of Neurology former Ministry of Machine Building Industry.Power Industry production license (red card and green card) for use with the 35KV and professional production equipment used in 35KV switchgear below.Methol of Hot-switching for 10 KV substation box companies.GGD main products, GCS, The differences, MNS, Domino, GG-1A (F), GGX2.JYM-12, KYM-12, KYNOO-12, KYN28A-12, XGN-12.HXGN-12, ZBW-58, PZKM-10, JYN1-40.5.Valve series models, Low Voltage Switchgear and box-type substation equipment.Meanwhile CCXIA busbar production, the power box, lighting and switchgear boxes shell.Company currently covers over 40,000 square meters and over 10,000 square meters plant.More than 180 staff, of whom 50% were managers, technical personnel management accounted for 38.Main production and testing equipment 12 sets.Product class, assembly process advanced and reliable service, thoughtful, deeply domestic users of all ages.The company has formed a high-voltage switchgear equipment to produce more than 500 pieces (sets).low voltage switchgear equipment 2,000 pieces (sets) of the production, transmission and distribution sectors have become well-known enterprises in the world.Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and accreditation mandatory CCC